Philadelphia Wizard World Roundup

So I’m done with Philly Comic Con for this year — I only got Friday/Saturday tickets — but I had a ton of fun. Time for ramblies. Friday Costume: Lust Costume damage: Surprisingly, none! Times: 1:00 – 8:00 PM Purchase: Wonder Woman bathing suit Synopsis: Lots of wandering the dealer’s hall, a couple fun panels/events, and readjusting my bra Cosplay lust So as I stated above, I was Lust from FMA:Brotherhood. I sewed this costume together in a week. It’s spliced together from two different pieces of lingerie: a black dress that laces up on the sides and a lacy… thing… with some rhinestones. It was pretty cheap, but fun, and it’s convinced me to make a tailored Lust corset dress sometime in the future. For makeup, I used Mehron white cream makeup to give myself a paler complexion, drew over my eyebrows with eyeliner, rocked some fake lashes, crazy eyeliner, and black/red ombré lips. I made the ouroboros tattoo with some dark red lipstick and set it with translucent powder, which worked really well — I forgot to take it off before bedtime and it didn’t rub off on my sheets! Panels/Events Cosplay Fashion Show A resounding ‘meh’. The first designer had some really awesome costumes, and the jewelry designer did, but a “cosplay fashion show” is not a place to show off the “fun, flirty summer tie-dye” line. The pacing was also quite slow and they had to leave one designer completely off of the roster to make the deadline for the next panel. So You Want to Sew Cosplay This was a really informative panel. I’m pretty new to this whole sewing thing, and these wonderful ladies gave a lot of really excellent pointers on fabric choices, thread colors, interfacing, patterns. Some of it I knew, some I didn’t. Very solid panel. Speed Dating This was a… new experience, to say the least. I’ve never done speed dating of any kind before. I had a lot of fun talking to people (although three minutes isn’t nearly enough time to get to know someone) and even got a few numbers out of the deal, including the number of a very convincing Joker. The man who led the session was dressed as an incredible Jedi (who, at the afterparty on Saturday, did some neat lightsaber waving (and the splits!) on the dance floor). I would definitely recommend it, maybe not as a way to find a soulmate, but definitely a way to have some fun and maybe meet some new people with similar interests to yours.

Saturday Costume: Avatar Kyoshi Costume damage: Lost bottom of a tassel and need to re-sew a snap. The fans need to be remade entirely (I suck at props) Times: 1:00 PM – 1:30 AM Purchase: n/a Synopsis: Firefly, more Firefly, pictures, costumes, dancing, new friends Cosplay 14305255710_64f9ceaf17_o I went as Avatar Kyoshi! I’ve been working on this costume for a few months. It’s my second ever costume, and my first ever “recognizable” costume. It has four layers: undershirt+sleeves, base skirt, petals, and kimono; and 5 accessories: bracers, headdress, fans, boots, and gloves. I made everything except the boots and gloves and will be posting in-depth about the process very soon. For makeup, I used 2-3 coats of the Mehron white cream makeup and the cheap Halloween store red cream makeup combined with gel eyeliner and mascara. I set it with the translucent powder. It held up pretty well, especially considering I was putting on and taking off my glasses every few minutes for pictures. I REALLY miss my contacts — my new pairs should be here by the end of the month. I got stopped for my picture so often; it was kind of surreal. It made me a bit nervous at times, as I am absolute shit at posing, but I really enjoyed the attention and the conversations I struck up with people I honestly didn’t take many pictures of other cosplayers because I spent the majority of my time in panels; I was in the dealer’s hall for no more than half an hour. Panels/Events So They Say You Shouldn’t Cosplay This was such an awesome panel. They adapted the Nike motto — “Just do it” — for anyone who wants to cosplay anything. They had a lot of good stories about some of the flack they’ve gotten for cosplaying outside their race/gender/body type and the general consensus was “fuck ’em, I’ll be whoever I want to be.” They talked about handling negative comments (Stella Chuu said she would one day print out all the negative comments and make them into a coffee table) and there was so much positivity and acceptance. The cosplay community is so awesome and I’m so happy that I’m a part of it. Firefly: Yogic Adventure First of all, let it be known that this is a thing. A yoga session, based on Firefly, with narrated poses and general silliness. This was seriously awesome. We learned some basic poses in the beginning before launching into a rewritten version of “Jeynestown”. We sang the Hero of Canton, meowed the main Firefly theme, and voiced sound effects while holding yoga poses and reliving one of the greatest shows in the world. If you have the chance to do a “yogic adventure”, DO IT. Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Oh my lawdy these two. These two wonderful, beautiful, hysterical men. I love them with all my heart. I laughed my way through the Q&A session. Alan graced us with the voices of King Candy and the Duke of Weaseltown; Nathan informed us that the biggest difference between voice acting and regular acting was the necessity of pants, and we learned of the “violent nap” that Wash took in Serenity. Alan gave away free “shit” — including an Armani watch — to the question-askers as Nathan gave business cards that allowed you to rate your Nathan Fillion experience. Nathan and Alan complement each other so well and there was never a dull moment. Costume Contest I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun. Seriously. I made at least three new friends while talking to my fellow contestants. I met an Elsa that I’ve been following on tumblr, a gorgeous Belle who lamented on woes of quickly made props with me, and a fantastic Deathstroke. I also met Katilist Cosplay, who told me of her venture to start a cosplay non-profit workshop with machines and equipment for cosplayers who might not be able to purchase those things on their own. The best thing about the costume contest is that there were so many contestants that my competitive streak didn’t get the better of me. I was able to really enjoy seeing other costumes, appreciating the work put into them, and also ask to see them up close because I didn’t have glasses on and couldn’t see much on the screen besides some multicolored blurs. I also threatened the green ranger with my fans. I just went up on stage and had some fun with Kyoshi. Everyone looked so amazing and it was such a great experience and I really look forward to doing more costume contests in the future. Afterparty DANCING AND MORE DANCING. I ran into the Joker that I met at speed dating the previous day, and we had a lot of fun dancing. I also ran into a fantastic Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who came over to tell me that I looked awesome as I was going over to tell him that he looked awesome. A couple of other people came up and started dancing with us. Then a strange Japanese band came on and we all went out to the lobby (they were really loud and sang things like the… alphabet? I don’t even know). One of the guys who came over and started dancing started talking to me about physics so I started blathering on about neutron stars and supernovae and black holes and… basically I totally geeked out and he… went with it I guess. Then the conversation turned to the absolute perfection that are Carice van Houten’s nipples. |D The point is, I now have like four new numbers in my phone and some new friendships to explore. Other I told some people about my tumblr and I got like 100 notes in one day. This is totally awesome. It’s my official cosplay premiere! Love you guys <3

Well, if you made it to the end I’m impressed. Congratulations on making it through my long ramblings of my two days at Philly Wizard World. I had a blast and I will definitely be there next year! Aaaand it’s time for bed. I had so much fun I stayed up until 4:30 AM writing this. *I’ll be editing in pictures as I find them on the interwebs. Let me know if you have any!

Places my cosplay was featured:


lvis11 on flickr
putodearies on flickr – 12
Costume contest flickr 

grapplemace on tumblr



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